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A Little Bit of Spectacular - Gin Phillips

A Little Bit of Spectacular

Author Gin Phillips

  • Published: 2015-05-05
  • Category: Coming of Age


An authentic coming-of-age story about finding magic in the every day—perfect for fans of Rebecca Stead, Joan Bauer, and Wendy Mass.

Olivia and her mom have just moved in with her grandmother, and Olivia has exactly zero friends at her new school.  But after a strange message on the bathroom wall of a café catches her eye, Olivia decides that Birmingham, Alabama, may be a little more interesting than it seems.  So begins a search for answers that takes her all over the city.  Luckily, her mission isn’t solitary for long, thanks to her newfound friendship with Amelia, a girl just odd enough to be intriguing.

What the girls discover isn’t the earth-shattering revelation they were hoping for, but it may be just as compelling.  After all, sometimes the journey really is more important than the destination.  Especially when it leads you back home.

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