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Stealing His Heart - Diane Alberts

Stealing His Heart

Author Diane Alberts

  • Published: 2014-08-25
  • Category: Contemporary


Tara Harris is a professional thief with a conscience. She makes her living retrieving priceless stolen items from sleazy rich jerks, and returning them to their rightful owners. Until a routine nighttime assignment when Tara suddenly finds herself pinned against the wall. And oh, does the hard male body pressed against her feel good. And damned familiar...


Jake Forsythe was Tara's former burglary partner, until he left her naked in bed—unsatisfied—and disappeared from her life years ago. Now he's back, hotter and more naughtily delicious than ever. And he has a nice, blackmailing kind of proposition—Tara can either help him with a secret project, or she can go to jail. But the moment Tara agrees to help Jake, she realizes she's just made a deal with a sexy-assed devil. Because this time, she stands to lose something more precious than any rare objets d'art...

Each book in the Shillings Agency series is STANDALONE:
* Temporarily Yours
* Stealing His Heart
* Seducing the Princess
* Taking What's His
* Say You're Mine
* His Best Mistake

Top Customer Reviews

  • Great Read!!

    From dnikolasevic
    This is the Second in The Shillings Agency Series but can be read as a Stand Alone Tara’s business isn’t the type of business most people have or would think of. She lives and breathes her job and loves getting back items stolen from good people. Tara has done this for years as she had two of the most important people stolen from her at a young age. As a teenager she work on her skills that are prudent to her business today with Jake whom she dated until he left to enlist in the Marines. Jake lost his parents when he was seventeen years old and spent one year of hell in the foster care system. Tara and his older sister were the two reasons he kept going until he and Tara got caught. To get his life back on track he enlisted in the Marines and left Tara behind. Now he is back home after an injury from an IUD but has stayed away as what happened to him in Afghanistan has left an ever-lasting impression on him. Jake shows up in Tara life unexpectedly and she is happy to see him until she finds out the only way out of the mess she is in is by helping him who works for one of the people Tara considers a bad guy. To top it all off things have heated back up for these two. Now Tara is left to decide whether to help Jake and go against everything she believes or do what she feels is right and possibly lost him forever. I was gifted this novel for an honest review and I hadn’t read any books by Jen McLaughlin until I read this one. The story between Jake and Tara is a rocky one with challenges and life getting in the way like the rest of us has to deal with. I love how Tara holds on to her morels and values so deeply that she doesn’t see what she is doing is wrong even though she is righting a wrong done to an innocence person. She is a strong prideful woman who doesn’t need a man to help or define her. Jake is what I expected of an injured Marine who has been forced home. He’s an alpha male who seems to let his pride get in the way of what he truly wants, Tara. He can’t see the good guy he is but only that he will never be good enough for the one woman he’s ever loved. I liked that Jen didn’t just have Tara fall at Jake’s feet but rather make him work for the things he wants. This was a great book and I highly recommend you get this book and read Jake and Tara’s story. I will definitely be going back and reading the first book in this series, Temporarily Yours.