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One Night Stand - Helen Cooper & J. S. Cooper

One Night Stand

Author Helen Cooper & J. S. Cooper

  • Published: 2015-01-05
  • Category: Fiction & Literature
4 Stars
From 66 Customers Review
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New Sexy Standalone from New York Times Bestselling Author Helen Cooper and JS Cooper

It was only supposed to be one night

We met at a wedding. He was hot. And I’d been in a year’s drought.

He smiled.  We got drunk. We flirted. We hooked up. I left early the next morning without saying goodbye. It was only meant to be a one night stand. I didn’t want the awkward morning after moment. Not at all.

Then I went home for the weekend. And he was there. Sitting on the couch chatting to my dad. Turns out he was more than just a stranger. Turns out that my one night stand was about to cause a whole heap of trouble. Turns out that it never just stops with one night.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Disappointing at best

    From Bustergrrl80
    Sad to say that I've read a lot of "romance" novels lately. But this one had little to no character development; spoiler: she gets what she wants. Why can't romance writers write about "real" things. Not every man is a billionaire; not every every woman wants that. Just a true man that holds her respect and treats that way. Enough with the rich and famous men. Us real women; want real men. Real men who take the time to love us properly.
  • One Night Stand

    From Helen Cooper, JS Cooper
    A good romance story, lots of crazy family drama, lots of "action"!
  • Disappointing

    From alexisrobinson
    This book was extremely disappointing. I feel like the plot could've been way better and the sample was misleading. The main character was extremely annoying and a total hypocrite. Overall the story is very childish and extremely repetitive and there was no real insight oh the characters or their lives. I felt I was reading a teenage girls diary rather than seeing the story through the characters perspective like you should when you read a book. 99% of this book was dialogue and just generally very poorly written.