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One Flesh - Free From Bondage Ministry

One Flesh

Author Free From Bondage Ministry

  • Published: 2014-10-21
  • Category: Family & Relationships


I hereby declare thee husband and wife. You may kiss the bride. And then off to a happy lifetime together, until death do us part. Unfortunately that is not how it goes for too many marriages. And it not only influences the man and the woman negatively, but also those close to them. It are often the children that receive the biggest blow, with the consequences spilling over into generations to come. Through this book we hope and pray to open your eyes to the spiritual warfare raging within the marriage covenant. That you will learn to explore how we all too often depart from the Godly marriage covenant, bringing even more evil power into the warfare. But most of all we hope and pray that this book will open your eyes on how to live a Godly marriage, and how sex can be an amazing privilege in that bond that God wants us to enjoy rather than the perverted power struggle that it so often is. All in all we want you to learn how to create a Godly marriage that indeed is a marriage of a happy lifetime together until death do us part.