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Destructive Silence: Based on a True Story - L.U. Ann

Destructive Silence: Based on a True Story

Author L.U. Ann

  • Published: 2013-08-16
  • Category: Biographies & Memoirs
4.5 Stars
From 5 Customers Review
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If you never speak of the past, can it be erased?

Lacey Edwards has a past.

A past that changed her life forever.

A past she wants desperately to forget.

Lacey is quiet and reserved compared to her best friend Becca Fox. They became instant friends when Lacey moved to Maryland nine years ago. Becca helped pull Lacey out of her introverted shell to experience life. By high school, Lacey was active in the club scene and would occasionally have to drag Becca with her. One night, Lacey realized she might be able to run from her past with the help of Becca and sexy Caine Rogers.

Lacey didn't know just how much emotions, honesty, and heartbreak, could change a person. Lacey has Becca’s support, but is that enough?

Will Lacey sacrifice her own happiness to do what is expected?

***Warning***This novel contains explicit language, sexual situations and abuse that some might find offensive.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Well written

    This was an excellent literate book of survival. Thoroughly enjoyed. The only grammatical error was one incorrect use of I. Can't remember where. It is I is correct but for you and I is not.