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The Fairy Tale Bride - Kelly McClymer

The Fairy Tale Bride

Author Kelly McClymer

  • Published: 2014-11-26
  • Category: Historical
4 Stars
From 58 Customers Review
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Miranda Fenster gave up on a happily-ever-after following a disastrous London season. Determined to convince the impeccably proper Duke of Kerstone he was wrong to thwart her brother's love match, she waylays him and demands he help the star-crossed lovers. Instead, she discovers her second chance for a fairy tale ending depends upon convincing the duke fairy tales do come true.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Romantic

    From iBooks reader
    A nice romance in the olden times. Shows different times and how things were done then. Enjoyable read
  • Good Books

    From Read last night
    Really enjoyed this book - not the straight forward boy meets girl as it has lots of twists and turns but very engaging. And don't we all need some sunshine in our lives...
  • Lovely and engaging

    From MGR Toronto
    Such a fun read and loved the characters. Thanks for making this available.