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Necropolis: Part One: Zombie Outbreak Noir - Max Kielsmeier

Necropolis: Part One: Zombie Outbreak Noir

Author Max Kielsmeier

  • Published: 2015-01-25
  • Category: Horror


For months now Jadyn has been living in a city which has fallen to a terrible plague. A virus that harkens back to the Black Death; though, being mixed with something more like rabies, it has given rise the phenomenon of zombies. They say the quarantine has contained it, but that's little comfort to the day to day lives of people living there.

She is a woman whose life is lived at the edge. So too are the lives of the bizarre, the evil and the rare good people she encounters who scrape by in their own desperate ways.

The stakes are high, the death toll is high, the burning through lead and octane is at an all time maximum. This is the so called 'city of the dead', the Necropolis.