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The Fixer, Season 1: Complete - Rex Carpenter

The Fixer, Season 1: Complete

Author Rex Carpenter

  • Published: 2015-02-18
  • Category: Action & Adventure
4 Stars
From 7 Customers Review
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JC Bannister is a killer.

He's killed for his country.

He's killed for money.

But now he's being asked to cross lines he never imagined.

Killing a friend, a powerful US Senator. For money.

A lot of money.

Bannister has done a lot of questionable things for dubious reasons. Now, double-crossed and on the run, he needs to figure out what the right thing is and get it done.

If he gets it wrong, he and his team could wind up in jail permanently.

Or cut down by their unseen enemy.

Or, worse yet?

Branded as traitors and pursued by every law enforcement agency in the United States of America.

The Fixer, Season 1: Complete is the explosive new thriller series from Rex Carpenter. Fans of Mitch Rapp, Jason Bourne, Jack Noble or John Milton, will feel right at home reading The Fixer.

Top Customer Reviews

  • The Fixer Series One - the complete season

    From Bevil13133
    Very interesting series, I read the Series One book, a real page turner, and was so interested, I bought Season Two, and the was thrilled to get the prequels free. Great author, love the books.