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Back to Lazarus - Judy K. Walker

Back to Lazarus

Author Judy K. Walker

  • Published: 2014-07-10
  • Category: Women Sleuths
4 Stars
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Why would a man hang himself twenty-four years after murdering his wife?

Tallahassee PI Sydney Brennan crisscrosses north Florida to reconstruct a tragic family history when she’s hired to investigate a murderer’s prison cell suicide. But by following in his murdered wife’s footsteps, does Sydney risk sharing the woman’s fate?

Back to Lazarus introduces Sydney Brennan, a Florida private investigator with a knack for getting into trouble who doesn’t know when to quit. Sydney's tenacity and sense of humor will appeal to fans of Sue Grafton's Kinsey Millhone. So if you’re looking for a mystery with believable characters and “just enough humor to offset the dark,” click to download and read Back to Lazarus today!

From the Back Cover:
When I was six years old, my father killed my mother. He beat and choked her to death. I'm told that he was found hanging from a homemade noose in his cell. I want to know why he waited so long to do it.

Sydney Brennan isn't sure how to answer her client's question, short of holding a séance, and the Tallahassee detective has some questions of her own. Why does Noel Thomas remember so little about her childhood? Why is she delving into her father's suicide now? And, most importantly, why is Noel lying to her?

Crisscrossing the Florida Panhandle to reconstruct the tragic Thomas family history, Sydney stumbles across a link between the decades-old violence and a present-day web of deceit and corruption. To understand the connection, Sydney must go Back to Lazarus, back to the town where Noel's beautiful but troubled mother began her inevitable descent over twenty years ago. But by following in the footsteps of the murdered woman, does Sydney risk sharing her fate?

Rooted in bars and back roads and Panhandle prisons, forgotten towns and forgotten people, at its heart Back to Lazarus is about stories: the stories people tell us, the stories we tell ourselves, and what happens when we realize it's all a lie.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Interesting

    From iBooks reader
    Amazing mystery/suspense story. Sydney is a detective hired to find out why a prisoner hung himself, twenty four years after he killed his wife. As she gets closer to the truth is her life in danger as well? Great read
  • Great read

    From Draw superstar
    Storyline was really good - you definitely couldn't wait to get to the next page because something big was slowly unraveling and you wanted to get to it as soon as possible! I will read more Sydney Brennan stories for sure!
  • Lazarus

    From Odbwan
    Great book. Captivating story line. Interesting twists and turns. Highly recommended.