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Corrupts Absolutely? - Peter Clines, Weston Ochse, Cat Rambo & Various Authors

Corrupts Absolutely?

Author Peter Clines, Weston Ochse, Cat Rambo & Various Authors

  • Published: 2015-04-19
  • Category: Fiction & Literature


Dark metahuman fiction featuring stories from Peter Clines, Weston Ochse, Joe McKinney, Cat Rambo, and many more.

“Lincoln Crisler has taken pains to choose this myriad collection of stories exploring the theme of Metahumans acting out inhumanely and there are quite a few zingers to this collection. This is a collection very much in the vein of Masked by Lou Anders; however, with a tenebrious and twisted bent to it.” —Fantasy Book Critic 

The only family member to survive the 9/11 attacks. A sidekick-turned-construction-worker. Teenaged products of an institute for unwanted metahumans. A man who can make anyone do anything. 

Are they heroes? Are they villains? Sometimes they're both. Often at the same time. 

Corrupts Absolutely? collects twenty-three tales from veteran authors and newcomers, each with a unique perspective on what it might really be like to be superhuman in today's day and age. In the center of such a roiling mass of uncertainty and excitement lies one important truth: the fight against good or evil is never as important as the fight for or against oneself.