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Blue Murder - Emma Jameson

Blue Murder

Author Emma Jameson

  • Published: 2013-12-01
  • Category: Mysteries & Thrillers
4.5 Stars
From 11 Customers Review
Price: $7.99


The New York Times Bestselling Series

Two Dead Men

In London’s fashionable Chelsea, a Halloween bash goes terribly wrong. Emmeline Wardle, daughter of a frozen foods baron, throws a party which results in the demise of two university schoolmates. Handsome golden boy Trevor Parsons is dead. So is pasty computer nerd Clive French. Both died on the Wardle estate within minutes of one another, and both died the same way – an axe to the skull. Given the social connections of all involved, New Scotland Yard sends a real baron to investigate: Chief Superintendent Anthony Hetheridge, also known as Lord Hetheridge, ninth baron of Wellegrave.

Two Prime Suspects

This time around, Detective Sergeant Kate Wakefield and her partner, Detective Sergeant Deepal “Paul” Bhar, have their work cut out. Bhar must contend with Emmeline Wardle, a spoiled blonde with a penchant for the finer things, including a certain illegal white powder. Kate must decide if Kyla Sloane, model-pretty and delicate, is being truthful about the events of that fateful night. And if Kyla’s connection to a former lover of Bhar’s means nothing – or everything.

Lord & Lady Hetheridge, Book Two

Return to the world of Ice Blue in Blue Murder, the second of the Lord & Lady Hetheridge series. In addition to solving the double murder in Chelsea, Anthony Hetheridge plans on proposing marriage to Kate for the second time. He has the ring. Now all he needs is the proper moment...

Top Customer Reviews

  • Blue murder- continues the story

    From Samackay
    Book 2 continues the romance among another first rate British murder mystery. Some uniquely drawn characters make for an interesting read. I enjoyed the level of storey plot and quality of writing. Real characters in all their imperfections. On to book 3.
  • Blue Murder

    From Tricking
    A wonderful set of diverse characters. The Blue books are a rich mixture of suspense, romance and comedy.